Axt1800 draws full power even after poweroff command

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with the axt1800, v4.0.0,
after executing poweroff, the router continues to draw FULL power.
according to killawatt power meter, 0.10Amps

when i power on the unit and for about period of one minute,
the router uses only 0.05Amps, then jumps up to 0.10Amps
so i assume that the wifi, or something, is not yet enabled/on.

is that normal behavior for gl-inet products?

Hi,Can you please describe your testing environment? What instrument is used to measure the current?The normal situation is that the AXT1800 will have more than 0.3A current in A few seconds after being powered on.

poweroff will not put the router in real sleep mode.

Such chipset does not work like pc, using software to turn off the power.

  1. the axt1800, powered on
  2. run poweroff
  3. the axt1800 continues to draw full power.

As @alzhao wrote before, the poweroff command all OpenWRT routers does not power off the router as it would in a PC or a phone.

What basically happens when you run the poweroff command is, all open file handles are closed, programs are all stopped and the router sits in idle. Think of “Safely Remove Hardware” in Windows. You would run the poweroff command before unplugging the router to prevent file corruption in “mission critical” applications, or when you need to constantly power off the router and there is a chance a file is being written to, or is in use.

Unfortunately this means that the network stack, power regulation and everything else is running as normal and drawing power.

If you want to do a full power down, you would need to add a relay or a latching power switch like this Pololu - Mini Pushbutton Power Switch with Reverse Voltage Protection, LV and control it via a GPIO pin.

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ok, i understand, thanks