AXT1800 External Antenna

I use my AXT1800 in my RV and would like to connect an external antenna for improved reception from campground wifi. I’ve seen on other models that there was a resistor to remove in addition to connecting an external antenna via wFL connection points. Please let me know instructions for connecting an external antenna. I take full responsibility for the reception aspects as a result of the external antenna.

In my humble opinion you better off with something like the GL-X3000 :thinking:

Perhaps but I have a separate cellular router that doesn’t do WiFi-as-WAN so looking to use AXT1800 when reliable, and sufficiently fast WiFi is available.

Understandable, I have a AXT1800 and loved the way it it’s, I wouldn’t open it, but that just me,

You know, you still can skip the SIM part of the X3000 if you want too, that would give a backup LTE router just in case :call_me_hand: