AXT1800 Mwan3 tracking unreliable

Using pppoe connection I see a lot of failed pings during the day, and because of this I have at least 1 pppoe disconnection everyday (usually during night).
I tought it was something related to my ISP, but I decided to try a different Mwan3 tracking.
So I installed httping package and in Luci I changed the tracking method to httping (htpps). Well, since I’ve done this, I did not have a single disconnection or failed ping…
What could be causing such ping unreliability with default settings?

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A normal ping is sent with UDP protocol. UDP is lossy, there is no requirement for return. This makes it faster and use less bandwidth than a TCP protocol message used in https which requires a return.

That said, in the context you used your message. UDP packets (pings) are usually dropped most on unreliable connections. Wireless, DSL, cable modem.

In my current WiFi via cable modem I get 35 drops per 5 minutes. The wifi router is 5ghz at waist level in a kitchen in a shared house. It drops even more when people (water bags) are in the kitchen blocking it.

Hope this helps.

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Yeah, it makes sense.
But the fact is that I don’t have pppoe disconnections because of failed pings when using Bery, mango, Creta, Opal and any other router, this happens only on Slate AX.

As I know, the ping is used to detect if the connection is active. But it causes your pppoe disconnect? How?

Yeah, sorry this was terribly written and explained, my bad.
What I meant is that my setup is a failover from my primary wan (cable) to wwan. As I said I have a massive ping failures during the day on my log, and at least once per day wan connection fails and mwan3 is “jumping” to wwan. Then it takes quite a lot of time to return to te primary WAN.
Anyway, I tried to play a bit with Mwan3 settings and it turn out that this is happening only with particulars trackers, which is quite unexplicable to me, since it never happened to me with other routers. Anyway, pinging Quad9 and Cloudflare (or like I said, using httping) makes the problem goes away, I only have like 1 ping failed like every 6-10 hours and the primary wan never fails… Go figure…

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