AXT1800 - not listed an openwrt table of hardware?

just purchased a gl-axt1800, should arrive tomorrow.

— so i wanted to check out openwrt support at*%7E%5D=GL.iNet
i did not find the router in the router database, my mistake or what?

— at,
there are no firmware images?


There are 2 stable firmware versions for download, but no clean (only LuCI, no GL.iNet web Admin Panel) versions.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

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thanks @wcs2228.

the issue is that i want to understand the new router, in detail.

i am expecting the minimum, basic info, same as my cute USB150

i would like to hear from official gl-inet employee about this.


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OpenWrt is adding more and more wifi6 routers and I think eventually they will add.

But for hardware like USB150 form factor, it is just hard to do it agian.

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i understand about the usb150, it is old and EOL.

but to have the basic info for ax1800/atx1800 would be nice.
the same basic info as i want from openwrt.


Understood. Let’s see if this can be added.

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one of the reasons i ask,
to find a clear, definitive answer to this open topic.

I guess that It should be OK.

if posssible, please add the specifications to the gl-inet website