AXT1800: Provide NAT & DHCP as Router, from Hotel Wireless Source

I see how to set up as extender (and being unable to connect to the router interface after connecting is totally bizarre), but that uses the same subnet as the host wireless and DHCP comes from the host network.

I want DHCP and NAT from the AXT1800, but internet from the host network - and maybe it has a captive portal. How can this be achieved?

Again, what exactly are you trying to accomplish here?

Do you want the AXT1800 to join the hotel network, then your clients join the AXT1800 and it provides DCHP addresses and NATs their traffic out? If so, just join the hotel network via the wireless interface on the AXT1800 leaving it in router mode.

Yes, thanks. In router mode, will it support wireless access via a captive portal?

You’ll have to log in and sometimes things don’t quite work right, and you’ll have to make sure the glinet VPN stuff is disabled to login, but yeah, it’ll work, eventually. I personally prefer to build a clean OpenWRT build and use the travelmate package, which tends to be a bit less fussy, in my experience.

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I see, thanks. I will be able to test at Marriott soon.

It looks like this AXT1800 build may be a while. Any comparable AX hardware you would recommend?

You can do a clean-ish build using gl’s infra builder. That’s what I ended up doing and it worked fairly well - better than the early versions of the stock firmware. There’s a little more setup involved particularly if you’re wanting to use a commercial VPN provider, so keep that in mind. I self-host, so I’m less concerned with that. My current setup uses tailscale, so as soon as I log into the captive portal it connects and I’m off to the races.

Let me know if you are interested/need help.