AXT1800 randomly resets

Hi All
I’m using an AXT1800 as a repeater - to give internet access to my doorbell (the doorbell requires internet to communicate with me via wifi)… in any case, all is well for several weeks until the unit just completely resets… and I have to reconfigure it from scratch…

I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong? Is this being hacked by someone? I’m in another time zone, and need someone onsite to help me reconfigure… but will there be anything in the logs that will help me figure this out? or is it a total loss?

Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.


After a reset all logs are lost.

Did you do a firmware upgrade or something like that maybe?

no - i did nothing… the device just sits in front of the doorbell… so I never even look at it… until I notice the doorbell doesn’t work

Do you mean the router just reboot or it reset (configuration completely gone)?

If it is the former, pls check power adapter. Are you using the stock one or other PD adapters.

If it is the later, may be it is due to some system problems. In this case, you should just try reset the firmware manually once, configure it again, reboot and check if everything is OK.

it’s the latter… Thank You!! I will try that.