AXT1800 Slate - change host name


I am deploying several of the GL-AXT1800. I am at kernal 4.4.60. I looked thru the GUI and did not find an option. I would like to know which of the units I am connecting to.

How would I change the Hostname from “GL-AXT1800” to something else? Do I have to modify /etc/config/system via an external tool? If I do, would the name changes survive a reset?

Thank you for your time.

Just go to Advanced Settings>Luci>System>System>Hostname and change it to whatever you want :wink:

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If you log into LuCi and go to system you can change the hostname, whether that will survive a reset I am not sure. Are we talking a factory reset or a restart?

I did found the option you said in the settings. However, it happens that when o i a tracert command on the cmd still shows and that one this that should have change once you perform that change . Is there a wahy to change that.

When you perform the same task in a MT300N-V@ or Beryl MT1300 It changes that. But not in the routers version

My FLINT - some months ago (just checked) I went into luci - system - system - hostname and ernamed the unit to FLINT - I have firmware 4.5.0 - when I go into ipscanner - and look at the network - I still get - I’d like to see FLINT in there - so what’s missing in the above?

You will. Find that in network and the dhcp and somting else it sais. There you will find the option. The. You go to system and in system you can change the name too

Since solved and commented in here somewhere. Basically 3 entries in /etc/config needed changing. FLINT now appears as FLINT.lan in my network. Simple text editor ssh as root. 2 references in /etc/config/dhcp file, 1 reference in /etc/config/system file. Be careful if attempting to change.

Ok - in detail:
On my main ( FLINT router
I changed /etc/config/dhcp - 2 references to to flint
I also changed /etc/config/system - 1 reference to AX1800 to flint

On my internal ( BERYL-AX router
I changed /etc/config/dhcp - 2 references to to beryl
I also changed /etc/config/system - 1 reference to MT3000 to beryl

So now in SSH sessions, I get root@flint and root@beryl respectively

In Windows - Advanced IP Scanner - flint appears now as flint.lan - beryl does not seem to show a name (never did in here) - just