AXT1800 Slate - change host name


I am deploying several of the GL-AXT1800. I am at kernal 4.4.60. I looked thru the GUI and did not find an option. I would like to know which of the units I am connecting to.

How would I change the Hostname from “GL-AXT1800” to something else? Do I have to modify /etc/config/system via an external tool? If I do, would the name changes survive a reset?

Thank you for your time.

Just go to Advanced Settings>Luci>System>System>Hostname and change it to whatever you want :wink:

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If you log into LuCi and go to system you can change the hostname, whether that will survive a reset I am not sure. Are we talking a factory reset or a restart?

I did found the option you said in the settings. However, it happens that when o i a tracert command on the cmd still shows and that one this that should have change once you perform that change . Is there a wahy to change that.

When you perform the same task in a MT300N-V@ or Beryl MT1300 It changes that. But not in the routers version