AXT1800 support for VOS 5G USB dongle?

Just purchased GL AXT800 and I have a VOS 5G USB dongle with T-mobile SIM card. Router is powered on, I plug the VOS dongle in the USB 3.0 slot, in the ADMIN Panel > Internet > Cellular section, but the VOS dongle is not detected. The dongle lights indicate normal operation and connectivity. Any suggestions how I could get the VOS dongle working, or supported by GL-iNet?

same. looking for steps to resolve or confirm its a no go. thanks

update: I finally found a way to get VOS 5G dongle working. Details below:

Know that I have tried multiple usba/usbc adaptors that didn’t work until today that got me one step closer. I connected USB A to C Adapter, then connected the VOS 5G usbc dongle to adaptor. Once the router was powered up I connected to admin console. Here the thing, the “Cellular” section in console still reports “No Modem device found. Plug in your USB modem to start.” But just above cellular section in the “Tethering” section, a connection to tether called usb (android) was now available. After clicking the connect button, state changed to connecting…, then within a minute established connection.

I have tested several times with success.

Genius. Appreciate your persistence. Thank you.