AXT18000 with Dlink USB Modem

Hi Team / Pro-Users,

I got the AXT1800 and been using it in repeater mode. Now i have a Dlink DWM-222 USB modem, which i am trying to connect with the AXT1800.

The usb modem isnt detected

Is this an new or old modem?

@Dipin pls bookmark this.

Seems that this one is very old one.

Can you refer to [OpenWrt Wiki] Use RNDIS USB Dongle for WAN connection
and install some driver and config manually?

Thank you @alzhao - I am newbie to this, can you help me on how to do the changes listed in that page ?

Hi @alzhao @Dipin - I have tried the steps mentioned on the page. However the DWM-222 is detected as a mass storage device rather than rndis_host (as mentioned in the page shared).

Can you advise

It is like the package usb-modeswitch is not installed.

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Hi @alzhao , thank you for that . I checked and can confirm the usb-modeswitch package is installed.

The D-Link DWM-222 USB modem is being detected as a USB storage device. Like various other cellular and wifi USB devices, there may be Windows drivers pre-loaded in a partition that appears as a CD for ease of installation.

First, find out the vendor ID and product ID of the D-Link USB modem, either by looking in the Kernel Log (dmesg) or by running lsusb in SSH.

Second, for usb-modeswitch to work, confirm that the vendor ID and product Id is in the /etc/usb-mode.json file.

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