B-1300 shadowshock

I have installed the shadowshock. name is luci app ss 梭影 in chinese I have included the correct IP address And password But it doesn’t work. What ways can I use the shadowsock?

Did you use the v3.x firmware? You might need to upgrade to v3.x, and follow this instruction.

Dear engineer.I had upgrade the Latest firmware before 。 After install five shadowshock APP. The APP name can’t seen in the left menu. (I have Installed it 2ofthe5 APP , Continues to install Left 3app) So I decided to reinstall the firmware again, But the upgrade Progress Image can not seen Anymore , I interrupt the power. But the box never work again WiFi signal also cannot find And also cannot enter in the control panel. All three green lights are on at the same time. It’s the box becomes to a brick? How can I restart it again?

In actually is restart over and over.

Finally, I installed the shadow socks successfully. My box had becomes a break. According to ask the customer service I use the uboot Rebooted the firmware.Then upgrade to the latest version of ui3.0 with firmware. And this time is the right version. arfter installed the five APP of ss , the label Appears under the VPN.I think this may be the Chinese version of the firmware there are some problems, resulting in the absence of this label .

There is a new problem when I use ss app, I input it the correct IP address port And password, But still can not Contact the Google website. And the net speed is very low. When I View other common website. I don’t know. Where is the problem. This box connect another rounter The same ways of setup s s. On that machine It can works well.

If you select chinese as default language, the VPN menu will be absent, it is deliberate.

You have to enable DNS over TLS when you use SS in china. More Settings - GL.iNet Docs

shadowsock Will work normally after I enable the DNS in TLS. But the delay of the net Can feel Definitely and speed up were slower than SS closed. Maybe other open wrt System is more or less like this. The firmware iof Another rounter I’m using Is a modified version of the firmware from asus.He used the white list and the blacklist system. The shadowsocks Only used to abroad website. Maybe it can increase the speed of DNS and Slow down the delay time Above all The SS Might have Some space to optimize

Actually, we only deliver security solution to protect user’s privacy. Our firmware is open, you can do everything you want, you can search from Google, there has a lot of solution for this case.