B1300 and simple-obfs / SSR

Hey, I bought a B1300 earlier this year. After last week, I just noticed that it’s only running normal Shadowsocks. Did a search in the apps for either SSR or simple-obfs plugin and couldn’t find any. I’m on the latest firmware.

Are there plans to add either simple-obfs plugin or SSR? If not, could someone point me to a guide as to how I can compile my own ipk for either one?

Did you update to v3.x firmware?

luci-app-shadowsocksR_1.2.1_all.zip (381.2 KB)

Here you are…
base on this https://github.com/ywb94/openwrt-ssr
because of some reasons in China, that project has been deleted…

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Hi, do you know if there is any ipk for V3.x for GL-MT300N-V2 ? I had no choice but to stick to V2 firmware to use the old ipk file.

You can install it directly in v3.x, but if you don’t want to upgrade to v3.x, you can download the ipk from http://download.gl-inet.com/releases/packages-3.x/ramips/gli_pub/.

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Thank you very much for the info. I found it.

Yep, I’m on the v3.x firmware!

Dear @kyson-lok,
I got it for my Mango under “ramips”, thanks. Which directory should I go to for GL-AR750S-Ext ? Is the ipk file available for GL-AR750S-Ext ?

You can install that ipk directly from webUI. Please search luci-app-shadowsocksR in APPLICATION > Plug ins.

Hi @kyson-lok,
I am using the latest firmware of V3.025 of Slate (AR750s). I installed luci-app-shadowsocksR (1.2.1) from the >Plug ins. I set the parameters but it does not seems to run.
I used the firmware of V3.010 on Creta (AR750). The luci-app-shadowsocksR (1.2.1) also do not work.

I was running V3.012 firmware on Mango, and installed the luci-app-shadowsocksR (1.2.1) from the > Plug ins in the same manner, it runs beautifully. Looks like the cheaper products are better 8-(

Could the luci-app-shadowssocksR (1.2.1) on the Slate and Creta somehow corrupted?

Seems it need to reboot to take affect.

Hi @kyson-lok,

   Yes, for SSR Client, after reboot, I can find it in the "Running Status".

But for SSR Server, it never appear in the “Running Status”.
I am using firmware V3.025 on Slate for the above.
I tried firmware V3.026, it is even worse. I cannot login to after I reboot.

You may want to try luci-app-shadowsocksR (1.2.1) on Slate in your lab and see if it works.

Thank you very much.

Hi @kyson-lok,
I found that you have re-made a new test firmware for AR750 and AR750s called 3.026-0729 (the previous version was 3.026-0727). I upgraded my AR750 and AR750s respectively. And this time luci-app-shadowsocksR (1.2.1) works after reboot for both AR750 and AR750s. And MT300N-V2 also works well under the new official release of 3.025. Thank you very much for continuous effort in upgrading the firmwares.
By the way, I found that the AR750 official release is still 3.010, very far behind AR750s official release of 3.025, is there an overlook somewhere?

Just need time for release one by one.