B1300 as a travel router

Can the GL-B1300 be used as a travel router like the AR-750? The AR-750 can be powered via USB. Can the GL-B1300 be used using a power bank with the appropriate adapter? I read that there are speed issues with OpenVPN on the AR-750.

Is the B1300 when using VPN?


B1300 can achieve 25Mbps Openvpn. It is big for travel.

We are changing all to wireguard which is much faster.

Some power bank can output 12V as I know.

What does “we are changing all to wireguard” mean?
Also i’m using my B1300 as a travel router. I have not picked up a 12v power bank yet. But i’m looking.

Wireguard is another vpn protocol.

yes I read that, you said “we are all changing to wireguard” does that mean dropping openvpn support?

No. OpenVPN will be there.