B1300 firmware update

Could you please upgrade to the latest testing firmware?


I’d blame Qualcomm fully and totally, save for one thing. Why did GL-Inet get yowled at by myself? You chose that chipset KNOWING it had issues. They will continue down that path so long as you tacitly consider it acceptable by buying things under those conditions.

SDK? Meh… I make those for vendors and customers… Of this class of SOC and others in other segments. That gets more ire to be honest with you.

Better yet? Instead of just rebadging the OpenWRT based “SDK”, they could use the Yocto metadata layer FROM Qualcomm Innovation Center (CodeAurora…) which at least USED to have better support than the OpenWRT derivative “SDK”. (It should be noted that the odds are good, since I knew, at one point, the people doing those CodeAurora repos, as I worked for QuIC at one point in time.)

QC-Atheros can be frustrating at times - on one hand, we have the old-school AR93XX, which is incredibly open, even to the WiFi driver, which QC-Atheros publicly supported an Open Source driver for.

Then we get the IPQ40xx/IPQ80xx - which is exactly the opposite - yes, there are community drivers in OpenWRT 18.06, but they’re no where near the capability of the closed source…

I agree - would be great if QCA contributed directly into OpenWRT, rather than fork - they don’t need to add all the “special sauce”, but getting a good ath10k Wave 2 driver would go a long way towards improving the relationship with the FOSS community.

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Yes, it very much would.

There’s a lot of politics involved unfortunately. See this video by Felix (nbd):

I found that the new firmware removes the guest wifi since I clean install the snapshot version. How could I bring it back? Though I manually add it through ssh, the admin panel could not properly display whole wifi settings. It only shows up the new guest wifi. What can I do for managing whole wireless settings in the admin panel instead of going to advanced LuCI panel?

When will the mesh functionality be included in the new firmware?

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I’d be interested in getting an update on this as well