B1300 firmware update



I read in forum that you are working on new firmware v3 on the B1300 any news about it and release date please?

I am using this small router and it is really nice expect the software really outdated sadly =(


Our target is to release the beta version by end of Jan 2019

B1300 ddns

Thanks for the information, looking forward to the update.


Thanks for the information. Will v3 finally make the internal switch handle VLAN correctly? I bought this device about a year ago and was not able to use it because it does not handle VLAN interfaces correctly :confused:


Cannot handle VLAN? Could you please explain more about what’s your usage scenario?


There are actually at least two posts about the VLAN problem on this forum (search “b1300”). In short: I need to trunk two VLANs (100 and 110) to a single physical port and bridge the two VLAN interfaces to one WIFI ESSID each, so traffic from each ESSID goes only to the attached VLAN and leaves the device via the trunk port. I cannot use two physical ports (only one cable) but don’t need the other two physical ports.

There is a device from ASUS using the same internal switch setup which seems to have the same problem (search OpenWRT forum) as well as a two years old patch for the driver which however never made it upstream.