B1300 leds not working

Hi, from yesterday my B1300 mesh led is not working (function set by luci to wg interface); today power led is not working, only wifi led is operating. During the boot of the router I can see only wifi led blinking.
Is there a way to test led by ssh or similar?
If leds are damaged how can I go into uboot to recovery firmware if necessary?


Power led is working now without any act by me.
It’s very strange…:scream:
Any ideas?


Only mesh led is not working now…
@alzhao Can you help me?


Did you upgrade to 3.203? It has some problems in mesh and we withdraw it now

Hi alzhao, I want to stay in 3.105 because this version is perfect.
I don’t use Middle led for mesh I use it for wireguard vpn status and it was working perfectly. I would know if it is a command to turn on the led to test it.
I could reset router but this would be my final chance.


@alzhao Any ideas about?


The command to turn on off LED are very similar as other devices. It should be like

echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/xxxx

As I don’t have B1300 at hand I don’t know the exact path.

Mesh led is working now without any action…

My router is crazy…:scream::rofl:

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