B1300 Mesh Ethernet Backhaul Configuration

Are there instructions somewhere that show how to enable Ethernet Backhaul? I’d like to replace the wireless mesh temporarily while I work out some connectivity issues.

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If youve already setup a wireless mesh then should be as easy as having the WAN ports of the slave nodes to the LAN port if you master node (via switch or similar)

Hey @limbot,

Thanks for your help.

Funny story. I connected the cable earlier and couldn’t tell if it was working. So I posted. After your reply I set out to run some tests to prove it is working. Router to router was 511 Mbps. That feels like 1G wired Ethernet. So I unplugged the cable between the routers to test Wireless Mesh Speeds. I now know SON doesn’t fail over to the wireless when the cable is pulled. So yeah, it was running over the Ethernet Cable. LOL Over Mesh, router to router is 147 Mbps. Routers are 12 feet apart with wood, drywall and flat paint between them. On 5G i have the channel to myself. On 2G it’s a brawl. I’m going to call that reasonable.