B1300 now and future



i have bought a b1300, and it seems great, but then i learn that is is using openwrt 15.5.1 last update is Dec 2017… i know you have made changes to it and i think somewhere in the forum i think i read that there is a new kernel coming…

and i can live with that, but i did buy the router to use a little IOT software on it and that is not possible at least not in the them of using software there is more or less updated… like the MQTT server is from 14 Feb 2016(packages)…

i know you can’t do anything about qualcomm and their drivers… (are they at some point doing a newer version?? openwrt??)

I could install OpenWRT with opensource drivers but it seems they are not that good unstable(what would i miss in therms of features/speed??)

i see you have an firmware 3.0 in the pipeline… how would install that… i have read the docs, but there is noting there that say i can use the upload firmware web interface… so i have not done it yet…

to the last question… if i wanted to buy your hardware and have openWrt 18.6.+… and the fastest performer and features… what should i buy?


There will be a new B1300 firmware release with the new v3 UI, kernel 4.4.60 but still using openwrt 15. I don’t know about the packages but i guess it would be possible to upgrade most of them since the new kernel is most important, compared to the system features and layout. I don’t know what GL’s plan about that is at the moment.

You will be able to update to v3 using the GL UI, just selecting a local file at first, while the firmware is under testing.

The fastest router with most features after the B1300 is the AR750s Slate. With that router you will always be able to have the latest openwrt.


If you really want to try open source you can go with latest openwrt.

Open source WiFi driver works great on B1300, although not as great as Qualcomm WiFi driver.

But you can merely notice the differences if you use a smartphone.


I have updated to the newest firmware 3.x for my b1300, but still the packages are the same… this is not good(as they are still based on OpenWRT 15.x i guess)…so software is not secure

I will try using the clean openWRT… in my opinion you should not make hardware that require old software to work… i was buying my b1300 to get an router that is more less updated to at least 2018… but is 2015… yes the wifi works great… but b1300 is not an IOT gateway/hub or even a device that should have access to default packages that is that old.

please use your effort in making the opensource driver for the chipset better, then keep on spending time on old software.


As I said, the opensource wifi driver is working great already. There is no way to make it works as great as Qualcomm’s proprietary wifi driver.