B1300 repeater network mode with cisco meraki ap timeout / network error


I have a strange issue with some hotel networks with cisco meraki APs and using B1300 as repeater in network mode.
Hotel APs are offering an open wlan network with a simple guest portal wherenyou have to just register every 24 hours.

My GL.inet slate is connecting and works with no issue at all. The B1300 is telling me timeout or network error when connecting to the the hotel wifi.

Both are using the same configuration. Firmware for both 3.104.

What could be the issue here?

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Have you seen this link?

Yes, thank you for your support. But it is not a solution in this case.

The issue is even before getting a wireless connection to the cisco ap.
Maybe there is a kind of protection in place and the cisco ap is denying a tcp connection from the b1300 but not from my Slate / AR750S.

My AR750S is working with the same Cisco AP, at the same time with the same configuration without any problem as repeater in router mode.

Of course I tested also to connect with each GL.inet router separately to avoid possible conflicts between them as root cause.

AR750S is working anytime perfectly.
B1300 is not able to establish a connection in any case.

DNS settings like rebind protection on or off has no impact because the B1300 is not able to establish a wireless tcp connection in the first place.
It seems to be blocked from the cisco AP.

But AR750S is somehow able to connect. I read that they use different wireless device driver. For the B1300 they have to use a closed source driver because of the different chipset.

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You can try to clone the MAC address of A750S in B1300.

Thank you, good advice.
But tried all this already. It’s not related to the mac layer or portal handling. It must have to do with some rogue access point defense system from the cisco ap.

It’s a pity, but I think i will return my B1300. There is also no support from gl.inet here. :frowning:

Sorry that you have to return B1300. But for cisco seems we do not have a solution.

But why did you say there is not gl.inet support here. Didn’t @luochongjun keep answering your questions?

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