B1300 SSR client issues

Hi, I don’t have any issues with standard shadowsocks however shadowsocksr installed from packages doesn’t seem to work. I get the option in Luci and enter all the server details in the client. When I set the server to global mode the status doesn’t change to running. The same server and settings work fine on my phone app so I know the server and my connection is OK.

Anyone else have these issues or know what might be wrong please?

For the B1300 route, you need to follow these steps:
1.opkg update
2.opkg install luci-app-shadowsocksR
3. Log in to luci and enter the configuration
4. Restart the router
5. If ssr does not work, ssh logs into the routing background and executes the following command. /etc/init.d/shadowsocksr stop;/etc/init.d/shadowsocksr start

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Thanks for the reply. Manually starting the service does make this work however other models don’t need to be manually started. Hopefully this will be fixed in a patch.

Our follow-up version will consider your suggestion.