B1300 U-Boot flash

If been going through forum posts to figure out

  • How can I enter U-boot on the B1300? No clear instructions in the documentation
  • How do I open the router’s case (as I probably need to access serial to flash latest LEDE build?) Any pictures there? the top part seems to be attached using screws but can’t directly see how to access them
  • Is the mesh that is builtin done using 802.11s? This option is not available in Luci by default, although it should be supported by ath10k with a specific firmware combination
  • Also I wanted to setup the router in STA+AP configuration (using STA as WAN interface), but this does not work. For some reason the wifi interface keeps displaying an invalid mac address, and it doesn’t fetch any IP either, although it does seem to be associated with the AP. Any ideas if this is supported by the stock firmware? I want to upgrade to latest ath10k to make sure this is not a driver problem

Thanks for any answer!!

Uboot is the same as other models. Just the reset is a hole.

To open case, unscrew the bottom screws first. Then open by force from the middle, not the small cover.

Mesh is Qualcomm tech, not 802.11s. We have a firmware update about mesh. It will also fix the repeater problem

Is it the latest firmware on the gl.inet site? I installed the ‘clean’ version I found there and still seeing these issue. So in this case I need to try the modified one?

We have a new firmware. @hansome please send the new firmware for B1300 for testing.

Yes would be nice if I could test the new firmware. Is it based on LEDE? What is the status of the latest LEDE trunk ? Does it work well on the modem or are there features missing?

Could you send me a download link perhaps?

Send him a pm instead of linking your email, it will get spammed…

Ok I found the link in another post

I tried to flash the latest ‘clean’ build from your site, but in fact I can’t flash from the web interface (it says I’m trying to flash an invalid image). Instead I was trying to use sysupgrade -F but still the upgrade doesnt work (seeing it’s still running a kernel built in decemeber 2017.

What is the procedure exactly here?

Is this build containing any patches that are not in upstream LEDE yet? How is this process managed exactly? You first test some mods and then make PR for the LEDE project?

Can you try firmware v2.27 for B1300 http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/testing/

We fixed various of bugs.

I managed to flash to latest openwrt build, this solves the issue with STA+AP already. Will try to test whether it supports 802.11s properly but I guess it will.

Who knows the uboot commands to flash a new firmware for B1300?

I google the following for model 6416, but couldn’t find a tip for model B1300:

any help will be appreciated!

Uboot instructions are in the support docs.

Thanks for the reply!
And I searched and consulted this doc Advanced Uboot - GL.iNet Docs
However this doc demonstrates how to update GL-AR150/GL.iNet6416/GL-AR300/GL-AR300M via uboot, not B1300.
I would like to know the uboot commands to flash B1300 firmware, not other models…
Maybe I am reading a wrong doc? Could you paste your doc URL please? thanks

I suggest you try it and see if you get the web interface when you go to

thanks, can I do it without the web interface?

Why would you want to do that / what are you trying to do, exactly? Uboot normally is an emergency method for de-bricking!

I guess that tftp will work but best wait for Alfie or Kyson-Lok to come along and advise.

It is the same way. You can refer to Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs, b1300 is included.