B1300 v3.022 Mesh

I see that the 3.022 is now available for an OTA update on the B1300. Does this version include Mesh networking?

I noticed there is a menu option for Mesh now but does the feature work? I just want to know if it has been implemented before I go and upgrade.

You can mesh two or three b1300 with 3.022 firmware, i have tested before.
For example, you have 2 b1300 now, you want to mesh them. One as main router with cable, if you push and hold the mesh button, the middle light will flash with three levels. First level, it will flash slowly, which prevent you from enable mesh by accident. After few seconds, it will go to second level and flash quickly, and if you release now, it will open mesh matching. In third level it will flash more quickly and it will disable mesh after you release.
You just need to open mesh for these two device and wait, the middle light will be soild green after they were matched.

Fantastic. Thank you very much I will update later today.

Yes mesh works.

Pls check my setup. I have B1300 meshed to my S1300.

Hold the mesh button on two routers for 4 seconds until the middle button flash quickly, then release your finger to mesh the routers.

Thanks, just upgraded from 2.272 and it went seamlessly, the mesh came back up without any intervention.

This means the official instructions to set up the mesh are wrong.

I have spend hours following the official instructions, will anyone be sorry for the time wasted?

Do you mean this guide: Mesh - GL.iNet Docs

Can you point me what is wrong with the guide?

Two scenarios:

1- I press the master unit for 5 seconds and then after 2 seconds or so I press the other unit to set up the mesh. Mesh is established but I still see the SSID of 2nd slave unit.

2- I press mesh set up button on both units the same time and mesh is established and only SSID of main unit broadcasts. But then I do not see “Guest Network” tab in mesh menu anymore.

Seems mesh has a problem with Guest network.

Actually to pair 2 routers, both your 1 and 2 are correct. Master and Slave node need to be in paring mode at the same time. So if you press the button at the same time, or you press master node first then press the slave node several seconds later, it should be same.

I’m using a separate router for VPN as I wanted a separate SSID for VPN which apparently new firmware could provide through guest network but I’m not achieving it with this firmware.

Here’s my “instructions/experience” of meshing B1300s :slight_smile:

But no guest network, but I don’t need one

As mentioned in another review, the documentation is a bit lacking about meshing, the basics are there but perhaps not the detail. After mucking around here’s what I’ve found to work:

  1. Connect your router to the master node via it’s WAN port and setup as indicated in in the documentation
  2. Connect a device to the master node and go to (the default ) IP to get the Web Admin Panel and note that the second line item on the left hand menu is “Wireless”
  3. On the master node press the right hand side of the button on the front (the mesh button) and after 5 flashes it will start to flash a bit quicker, release the button.
  4. On the slave node (which you don’t even have to setup first), push the mesh button and again after 5 flashes it starts flashing quicker, release the button.
  5. Wait… I thought I had some bung units initially because nothing would happen so I’d reset the routers and start again. Setup of the mesh takes a little bit of time. Patience grasshopper, patience!
  6. Keep an eye on the Web Admin Panel of the master node. Refresh the page a few times. You will note that the “Wireless” changes to “Mesh”
  7. Click on “Mesh” on the web interface and you should eventually see “Main Node” and “Sub Node 1”.
  8. You now have a mesh.
  9. If you want to add another node, repeat steps 3-7 and you should on the web interface, eventually see “Sub Node 2”

I have been doing the same but then the SSID of slave node keeps on appearing even though mesh is setup.

You have to press both the same time to ensure one SSID shows up when you walk from your room to lawn :blush:

1.Are you running the latest firmware on both nodes?
2. Do a factory reset on the slave node and then don’t do anything except press the mesh button, don’t do any preliminary setup?

Yes both nodes had latest firmware and no setup on slave node.

We found some bugs and will send you a fixed firmware asap.