B1300 will ever have a guest network?

I was pleased using AR750s having guest network which I used as a “VPN SSID”. If I want to connect to VPN I was simply connecting to guest ID. But it wasn’t covering my house so I switched to B1300 in mesh (2 routers).

But sadly I miss the guest networking part and if I connect router with VPN I will have VPN all the time and for every time and not when I want to switch to VPN like in AR750s.

Should I expect such feature ever coming in B1300?

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The guest network has some compatibility issues in mesh mode, and we are trying to solve it.
This feature will not be added in a short time.

I have the guest network working on the B1300 using the testing firmware version 3.100

You go into the Mesh side menu and you should see a tab named “2.4G Guest WiFi”

That tab disappears after the mesh set up. My mesh set up is also screwed up after the latest upgrade as I still see SSID of slave unit.

My mesh is messed up after the 3.102 upgrade as well. On the “MESH” page, I don’t see anything listed anymore under “Mesh Clients” but they do still appear to be working.

I upgraded today and my PPPoE has stopped working. The reason of upgrade was to have guest network with VPN but that isn’t even there.

I am not liking their routers anymore, full of bugs now.

OK, confirming the issue :slight_smile:

2 Brand new B1300 running 3.102

Can’t see the mesh slave node in the Gl.iNet interface

But can see it in the Luci interface.

Mesh is however running as far as I can see :slight_smile:

Am only seeing the master node ssid however and not the slave one !

This is fixed for me in the newest testing firmware img they just dropped yesterday (3.103).