B1300 WPA Enterprise Network AP

I would like to do the reverse of B1300 Connecting to a WPA Enterprise Network

Can the qcawifi driver use wpa2+ccmp in AP mode with dynamic VLAN?

I got client to authenticate to the radius server but cannot see the driver adding clients to the VLAN bridge.

This might be helpful [OpenWrt Wiki] Introduction to 802.1X

(I can’t comment on the QSDK-supplied drivers)

Thanks I followed that and the client did authenticate but failed at DHCP because it didn’t tag to the VLAN set by radius.

So I am wondering if the qcawifi driver can do dynamic VLAN and if it does which options do I need to enable that.

qcawifi & qca-hostap do not support dynamic VLAN. As I tested, /lib/wifi/hostapd.sh of pacakge qca-hostap won’t parse uci config dynamic_vlan, also the CONFIG_FULL_DYNAMIC_VLAN config option is
not enabled when compiling qca-hostap.

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Thanks @hansome is there any way to add that support in the b1300’s firmware?

Hi hevaymetal, dynamic VLAN support need many change which is unknown now. You can try openwrt 18.06 firmware.

Thanks @hansome I am currently using the OpenWRT firmware but wonder what the performance would be with the closed driver.

I hope to see that supported in the clean firmware version one day.