B2200 Velica DFS Channels……Resolved. There is no DFS support!

I have a B2200 due to arrive from Amazon but have just read that GL.inet routers do not support DFS 5Ghz channels. I am in the UK. My question is whether this limitation will limit the choice of the two 5Ghz channels if I don’t use Ethernet backhaul. The lower channels are very busy in my location (not really usable), and I normally rely upon using DFS channels.

I have found very few real reviews of the Velica…….can anyone here provide any hands on reviews please? I hope not to return it to Amazon! Thanks!

Having done further research it would appear that GL.inet will not be obtaining DFS certification which makes the Velica (and presumably their other routers) too limited for actual real world use. This being so It will be returned to Amazon unopened.


Do you know mate on this one?
I’m also having similar problem, my telco router is not allowing me to enable DFS channels.

I want to provide internet to my flint router by way of 5Ghz upllink

Your Telco router does not allow DFS and Flint does not support DFS. So what is the issue?

Sorry, I meant my telco router doesn’t allow me to disable DFS

Any solution how my flint can connect to my router over 5Ghz