Back Up Router Configuration: GL-XT1800

We bought six GL-XT1800 units

I’ve set up a configuration on one of them. We intend for all six to be identical in configuration.

Rather than doing the setup by hand for the other five, is there a way to back up this config and restore the configuration on a different unit?

After binding goodcloud, you can do batch Settings


I see a note about configuration templates, and only available to business users.

Can we backup our routers into Goodcloud so that the config could be redeployed to another greenfield router out of the box?

With encryption, I think that would be a cool feature.


You can set up one, back up the settings in LUCI, then restore said settings to the other five routers.

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I was going to say the same. Use Luci

Thanks but luci is not really what I was going for here.

I was suggesting a goodcloud backup because it could provide a central and scalable backup orchestration solution.


I used Luci to back up a configuration then I restored it on another one. But it locked up the target system and I had to reset it completely to get back into it.

Is there anything in the backup files that is using stuff that isn’t portable, like mac addresses, that kind of thing? I’m unsure if the backup file was intended to be used on the same unit it came from only, or if it can be applied to different units without issues.

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Exactly. I have also encountered the same issues using Luci to backup. Restore never worked for me.

Backup is supposed to be restored to the same router because it contains mac addresses etc.

I believe there are only a few files that actually contain device-specific data. You can easily remove those files from the ,tar.gz backup archive.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I would like to suggest a feature addition to goodcloud

  1. Backup a device (this would allow a restore only for that device due to mac addresses)
  2. Backup a device to generate a config template that could be sent to other devices


Maybe if not a goodcloud feature (because I’m guessing storage would be an issue) then how about adding those options into the local code on the router?