I am considering purchasing MT300N router.

Whilst I appreciate that the firmware is based on Openwrt how can I be assured that that GL have not inserted backdoors in their proprietary version? Is their version completely Open-source?

If I wanted to get rid of GL’s firmware, how easy is it to reflash with clean version of Openwrt?

The UI is not opensource. But you can check most of the scripts in the router by yourself.

Yes we have made it very easy to change the firmware. MT300N is supported by LEDE.

Thanks for prompt reply.

Sorry to say I’m still not convinced it’s free from backdoors e.g. you say MOST of the scripts can be checked.

Can you sat explicitly and without qualification that GLi Routers are 100% free from backdoors?

This has been asked and investigated before. Take a look at this thread:




@kubes, I am confirm that the firmware are 100% free of backdoors.

Thanks @LostDog

Thanks for that.

For our peace of mind, we’ll purchase some routers and reverse engineer them. We’ll be looking in-particularly for the existence of Virtual LAN’s as outlined in this research on BT Modems <span class=“url”>

We’ll keep you posted on the results - hopefully good.