Backing up entire router

Hi All,

I have been using a program on my Pis called image-backup written by RonR from Raspberry Pi Forums - Index page that uses rsynch and saves as an img file that can be burned back to the SD card. Has anyone had experience using something similar to back up the entire router? I see this under packages and have to ask:

Image 000



Hello again!

Nah; that program has too much ‘fat’ for dependiences (eg: perl). I’d rather not waste the device’s limited storage space. It’s easier just to reflash, opkg install $package(s) & upload, overwrite the default confs w/ a previous tarball backup.

I’ll tell 'ya what: I recall of a script some years ago kicking around on the OpenWrt wiki/forums someone hacked up that would output the names of all the packages installed by opkg manually. It wrote the output to a text file that itself could be included in the future backup tarballs.

Restoring the list of your packages was as simple as running a short command to pull them back down from the feeds. Then you’d upload that tarball into LuCI restores your confs.

If you give me a few days I’m sure I could find it or write a similar one. I too have to automate a backup routine.

Gosh! I just looked at my “installed” list. I have not personally installed anything, yet there are 492 pkgs in the list. There’s got to be a better way to export that list besides hand-typing or copy/paste…


Hey Russ,

Yeah, I’m sure that 492 is including the stock/baseline packages GL includes for their distro of OpenWrt. Let me see about finding that script/command I mentioned. IIRC it shows the packages you’ve installed outside of the stock setup.

I just had my first cup of coffee for the day so I’m feeling pretty ‘wired up’. Gimme a few hours.

It turns out I didn’t care for that old script I mentioned. I guess that’s why I never kept it. Oh well; we have one now:

HOW-TO: Script: List My OPKG’s (to a file for backup)

Much appreciated! I’ll give this a try ASAP after I get the rest of the router swap situated.