Backup/Restore device configuration

My first GL.iNet device (AX1300) so maybe not a clever question (but I did search in the forum and help pages)…
How to do a backup of a configuration? So if something goes wrong I could restore to a previous working setting. Even exporting the configuration to a text file would be helpful for later use.

GL.iNet does not support something like profiles, now. And I recommend to reset the configuration during each firmware upgrade.

The configurations are not too complex, I setup a router in less than 5 Minutes for most situations.
Okay, this is maybe more valid for travel routers than home routers.

I just wrote to get notified and see if other users got more useful tips :slight_smile:

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Done via LUCI

System - Backup/Flash firmware

@LupusE - hm, for me it’s complex (at least for now), I’ve configured routers for decades (3Com, Wellfleet, Bay Networks, Cisco, MikroTik) but doing a simple job like setting a static IP address on the AX1300 is not that easy (for me)…

It doesn’t work in the standard web interface and using the LuCI is like entering a maze, DNS options are found in nearly 10 configuration pages, a DHCP pool is still displayed in the main interface, the default gateway doesn’t work (static routes do) and DNS requests still aren’t done [I’ve opened another thread for discussing this problems].

Therefore saving/restoring a configuration would help (me) a lot. And this was a functionality for all devices I was working with in the past. @limbot - thanks, will give that a try soon :wink:

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I do all my static Ips through luci-Network-DHCP and DNS - Static Leases. This allows me to set the host name and the static IP in one hit.

I back up the configurations of my routers, access points, smart switches, VoIP ATA’s and NAS servers whenever I make changes. This is as long as the device has capability to back up to an external file and, if not, I take screenshots of the settings for some devices.

It definitely takes a lot of time to reconfigure such devices from scratch (without the backups), even if I can remember and/or have documented all the settings. If there is hardware failure and I am able to obtain the same make/model, a backup makes for quick and easy recovery. For my main router, I keep a pre-configured router as cold backup, so I can at least get Internet access up again quickly.

Regarding a firmware upgrade, I do not reset the device to factory settings unless I am pretty sure the old settings will not work. If it does not work after the upgrade, I can still use the reset button afterwards.

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Thanks for all the comments and information, helps me doing the first steps with that device (got it some hours ago) :wink:

Setting static IPs up is definitely the most time consuming part of the GL.iNet configuration process and I wish that it would be added to the UI but until then there is this:


Install attended sysupgrade in Luci and safe your existing FW and the modifications.

Just for your information:
DNS, DHCP is done by another (fast and stable) device, wich also does the routing in my network. So I need only a simple client (which should do SMB NTLMv2) and this is the A1300.
So what I need for the A1300 is just an IP address like with the Gateway and the definition of the DNS server as well. The A1300 should not act as server for DHCP, DNS, etc. (I even don’t need WAN or WLAN).
When I tried to configure that, the A1300 ignored my gateway and even the DNS server at the beginning. Now I have added a static route because the gateway setting doesn’t work and I removed/added multiple checkboxes until the device created correct DNS queries.