Band Scan

Hi everyone. Hopefully someone can help with my query. I am doing research into scanning the 2G/3G/4G bands for channels on all mobile operators that provide coverage to my location. I have used the AT+QOPS command on the EC25-E (in the GL-XE300C4 router) and it seems to work well but it does not support LTE B28.

In my country the bands I need to scan are:

  • 2G B3 B8

  • 3G B1 B8

  • 4G B1 B3 B7 B8 B20 B28 B38 B40

Does anyone know of any other products like the GL-XE300C4 that will support AT+QOPS on the bands I need?


You need to get an EP06-E module. It supports Band 28. Learn more:

We are selling XE300C6 with EP06-E: Puli (GL-XE300) Portable IoT Gateway | 4G LTE | OpenWrt | 5000mAh Battery– GL.iNet
If you are interested in getting a module and replace it yourself, you can visit our store: Quectel 4G LTE Module– GL.iNet

Hi PANPAN, thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately the EP06-E does not support AT+QOPS. Do you know if there is a similar command that would be supported on the EP06-E that could perform a band scan?

From Quectel forum:

  • How to check current band configuration: AT+QCFG=“band”
  • AT+QNWINFO only shows the primary band, you can use AT+QCAINFO to check the CA bands if network support CA.

Learn more:

I have noticed the change record of AT instruction. This instruction is supported in the change of 2021-02-24. Could you please tell me your modem version? The version information is the Modem name on the home page.