Band steering - Is this a thing?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to set up bandsteering on the flint?

Seems pointless having 2 seperate SSIDs.

You can install dawn or usteer to set up band-steering in OpenWrt.
Just a suggestion, I haven’t tested them on Flint.

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… so don’t? I’ve always used the same SSID and each client figures out which is the best one to use (which is generally 5GHz), and everything just works.


I’ve set both SSID and passwords to the same and installed/configured DAWN. Will see how I go.

it’s posible for you explain me how to configure DAWN, i’ve buyed a GL.M6000 Flint 2 and i want to activate band Steering on my router, now i only configure same SSID to 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz

Thanks in advance

Best you create a new thread for this.

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Thanks, i create another topic then i request support to configure band stearing

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Dear yuxin.zou,
Please add the luci-app-usteer into gl-inet plugin repository.