BARYL AX GL-MT3000 cant connect to Hotel WIFI

Dear GLINET Router Forum members,

I recently purchased the GL.iNet GL-MT3000 router and I must say, it is an excellent router. However, I am currently facing a problem with logging into a UBIQUITI hotel router. I have set up my GLINET router in client mode and have had no issues connecting to other networks.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem with UBIQUITI routers? If so, could you kindly share any solutions or workarounds that worked for you? I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions that could help me resolve this issue.

Remembering that it does NOT have a portal/login page
Directly login from the laptop it works normally

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.

update : i have tried messing with igmp snooping, tried the beta and the snapshot, nothing seems to work, my laptop can connect it fine

I have tried to connect with a static IP as well

Do you know if hotel’s AP is broadcasting its SSID in 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz or both? Also are all of your VPN services turned OFF and your DNS set to automatic?

All vpn off, adguard off as well, DNS automatic
I’ve tried to lock the bssid as well

they are all 2.4 ghz

I take it that you have tried to connect other devices directly to hotel’s WiFi with no issues?

Yes, my other devices, iphone, windows laptop they connect without any problem

Just to make sure, it’s WPA PSK (just a password) and not WPA EAP (user and password)? The latter would connect fine with user and password on a laptop or iPhone, but IIRC from my recent research the Beryl does not support EAP.

This is a wpa psk2 normal wifi

Have tried the new firmware 4.2.2 and the issue still persists.

Can you try to set a Random Mac address and see if it helps?

I dont see this option, is it in the lucy interface?

Under Network → MAC address
Set to manual then click to generate a random one and try the WiFi repeater.

I’m also connecting to a Ubiquiti router and had the same issue as you with the default MaC address on 4.2.2 . I’m wondering if you can replicate

If you did not do so DNS rebinding should be turned off as well as authoritative DNS in GUI DNS settings.
You will also want to turn off Adguardhome and use the hotels DNS for the initial setup.

Ive tried the mac rebinding, doesnt work
I use adguardhome and tried with it off as well, unfortunately