Baryl AX - slow internet speeds

Hello all,

I am having issues with my GL-MT3000, aka Baryl AX. I first bought a Slate AX and was amazed with what it could do and as I live in two places and often have to work remote, etc etc, I also purchased a Baryl AX to keep in my work/mobile office bag.

I plugged it into my Unifi home network as I had done with my Slate AX to test out the UI, configure and apply the tailscale fix, etc. The set up is fine, it connects to my network and gets an IP, etc. However, when running speed tests, it is awful slow, under 10Mbps for download and same for upload (yay finally symmetrical speeds).

I first thought it was my tailscale set up, turned it off and i get the same speeds, i reset the router and upgraded the firmware, same issues.
Tethering via usb to my cell, yields better speeds.
Repeater mode via wifi: I get much better speeds at 250 Mpbs and 25 up.
Tested the ethernet cable being fed to the Baryl directly to my ipad and I am getting full speeds, so its not the cable.

My service is for 1000Mbps down and 30 up.

Please help - I really like the Baryl AX - I researched this issue here and on Reddit, can’t find an answer and it seems to be a common issue(?).

Thank you,

anyone? please :stuck_out_tongue: help me out.

Thank you.

Which services are you running on it?

Is the VPN disabled?

When connecting to the WiFi, which one are you using (2.4GHz, 5GHz)? What distance?

VPN is disabled - i am in the same room as the Baryl AX. Issue is replicated when connecting via ethernet from baryl to testing device.

Baryl is connected via ethernet to my main network and issue does not come up when in repeater mode, only when connected via a cable.