Basic questions on the GL VPN servers

General questions on running the built-in VPN servers in the GL routers:

  1. If I want to connect to the same VPN server from different devices (e.g. multiple Laptops) simultaneously, should I use the same VPN client config, or different ones. In other words, is a VPN config generated in the Management panel intended per-user or per-user/per-device? When I use a commercial VPN I know that my config file is only per-user and I can use it simultaneously on multiple devices, but I am not sure if the same is true here. Also, is the answer the same for both OpenVPN and WireGaurd servers?

  2. Can I run both OpenVPN and WireGuard servers on the same router at the same time with no conflicts of any kind (assuming enough CPU and different ports of course)?

The VPN configuration can be used with multiple devices, both Openvpn and Wireguard.

You can run Openvpn and Wireguard server at the same time.

for wireguard you can’t use the same config simultaneously on multiple devices, you need one config per device if you plan to use it at the same time.

Ok, I’m clear on OpenVPN that I can reuse the same config.

On WireGuard, I’m getting conflicting opinions from the replies…

So, can I use the same config file on two devices for simultaneous connections to the same WG server or not??

Wireguard client configs include a unique IP address. For this reason you cannot successfully connect clients to the same server simultaneously with the same config. It is a similar porblem if you were to give all the devices on your home network the same IP address. In theory I suppose that the same public/private key could be used simultaneously when connecting to different servers with only one client config.

If I am not mistaken, OpenVPN config is more like having a username and password that you can login with on as many devices as allowed by the server.

Ok that makes sense. You are referring to “address” line in the config, which I assume is the IP address the VPN server assigns to the client. So that means each device must use a different config file to get a unique IP…