Basic setup for the GL-AX1800

Hi, I am looking for some basic support for my router. I’m not an expert on this stuff so if my questions are basic, my apologies.

I live in NYC and want to set up a VPN router for when I visit Mexico. I want to use a NYC located server and make all of my connected devices to the router appear as if they are in NYC.

I am in NYC now, so want to set it up and test it. My plan is to set up a test here in NYC to show I am in Seattle. Here is what I did and I would like some advice:

I am using Surfshark. I have created a SEATTLE configuration file in Surfshark and successfully added it to the router. At the moment, I have the AX1800 router connected directly to the ONT. This has allowed me access to the internet. The way I validate my location is by doing a Speedtest and/or opening Google maps. Neither one of these options shows me in Seattle. They both show that I am in NYC pinging a NYC server. I have Wireguard enabled.

My questions are how can I better set this up? Also, will it be an issue if I set this up through another router vs the ONT unit?

I use and to confirm.

The public IP address and their locations shown should be different with VPN turned on versus with VPN turned off. If they are the same, then VPN is not working and/or traffic is not going through VPN tunnel.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet .

  1. What Firmware are you using?
  2. Want to make sure this is the GL-AX1800 Flint Home router and not GL-AXT1800 Slate AX travel router?
  3. Are you connected with WiFi or Ethernet? (WiFi and bluetooth can give away location)
  4. Who is running the DNS? (surfshark DNS is encoded when using)

:gl_emoji_dizzy:I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet :gl_emoji_shacking:

The first one shows me in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The second does show me in Seattle. They both show me using DataCamp Limited as my ISP. So I guess this means it’s working??

  1. Am using whatever the most recent firmware as I checked for updates immediately when I hooked it up.
  2. This is the Slate AX travel router
  3. The router is ethernet from the ONT box into the WAN port. My laptop is connecting via wifi.
  4. There is a DNS in the Surfshark config file.

As noted above response to wcs2228, when I go to those what is my ip pages, it shows me as outside of NYC. I guess this means it is working? Is there anything else I can do to firm this up?

You should check global option in VPN Dashboard and toggle on use vpn for all services.

:gl_emoji_dizzy:I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet :gl_emoji_shacking:


I have Global Proxy enabled. These are my Global Options. It doesn’t seem like any are necessary.?.?.

So I put my phone into airplane mode and then connected to the router by wifi and it still shows me in NYC.

I am wired directly into the ONT box from Verizon. Does that have anything to do with this, maybe?

turn on block non-vpn traffic

Next you want to chage your DNS settings

Rebinding can be on and override client DNS should be on

Surfshark DNS Servers are in your VPN config but we are going add them to DNS,

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Yes! That worked. Ok, such a simple solution. Many thanks for your help!

Like this?

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I selected the ADGUARD option from Manual DNS. Does this matter?..My phone is still showing me on Google maps to be located in NYC. When I connect to VPN directly on my phone, maps will show me in the location I select in Surfshark.

yep Don’t forget to hit apply. Your DNS request will now us surfshark DNS Servers even when not connected. This helps to limit Ip leaks.

Just now that Smartphones can still leak your IP by using info from other WiFi Hotspots. a computer can also do the same.

Your phone is using GPS and Google services like maps is good at getting around blocks.
You would need to turn off GPS and then it would only get Cellur, wifi or bluetooth info.

What is your threat level?
I like to keep things private as much as possible.
I am working from from home and don’t want my boss knowing I am sitting on a beach.
I am a polical refugee in a opressive county with state forces after me

I couldn’t figure out how to enter the DNS values you posted above so i selected ADGUARD.That’s ok, yeah?..

Ah, you’re right. The Surfshark app on the phone has a mimic location feature that does something with the GPS and will then show my map location based on the selected server.

IS adguardhome doing DNS. You will need to us adguardhomes setup page to change it to DNS Server if you want

You can turn off adguardhome and do manual DNS settings if you want

How do i enter the DNS values you posted above? Trying to figure that out…

…not a political refugee. Just want to set this up before I leave for the winter. My Chromecast will be connected to this so needs to be able to pull through my media subscriptions etc. But will have several people with varying degrees of permissions connecting to this router.

JUST NOW, nevermind i was cutting and pasting an extra space. Values have been entered.

ALSO, this is random, but the Surfshark Seattle location puts me within a few blocks of my actual brother’s house!

The and websites only use the public IP address to determine location, which would be from your home ISP or from the Surfshark VPN server. From your testing, VPN is connected and working.

However, smartphones and other devices can use different methods for your location, such as scanning nearby wifi, scanning nearby bluetooth, advertising ID tracking, accounts (especially Google) tracking location history, etc., that are then passed to smartphone apps (e.g., Google Maps). The VPN client may also have DNS leaks. Chromecast and other devices and Netflix and other apps may have hardcoded Google DNS servers (, that override your DNS server settings.

If you plan to use Chromecast, then it is simpler and probably does not have all the above methods.

Just following up…
Everything seems to be going really well! I loaded some locations and tested prior to departure and then set the NYC location for the router, packed it up on brought in my carry on. Once in Mexico, plugged it into my condo router and both laptop and phone found my AX1800 networks with no problem. Speeds are better than I expected. Chromecast works great! Thanks again for help so far!

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