BATMAN-adv/batctl > 2019.2

Is it possible to get a Batman-adv/batctl version > 2019.01 built, that is compatible with the firmware for the X750-Ext and AR750-Ext routers?

I’m looking to evaluate a MESH network infrastructure which is backed by LTE gateways. I’ve had moderate success with the 2018.x version of BATMAN that is currently available for these devices, but Id like to take advantage of the newest features from 2019.

If this is something I can build and install myself, I’m happy to; though I have no clue where to start building for the specific hardware.

Still interested in this. At this point, I’ve purchased 5x AR750S, and 3x GL-X750 with the hopes of building out a distributed mesh with LTE connectivity, built on BATMAN. Unfortunately, with the 2018.2 build of BATMAN, the OpenWRT configuration has changed, and most of the documentation follows the newer builds.

I am by no means an OpenWRT expert, but if I can, I am happy to attempt building a new firmware package that includes the newer kernel for the GL-iNet devices.

Watching with interest

From a marketing perspective for Gl. inet this would be great for:

Those with existing x750 and ar750(s) (and others like the Mango perhaps) hardware who want to implement a mesh without having to buy new s1300/b1300 . (reduces sales? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Those new buyers looking to put in a mesh at a more affordable price than the b1300/s1300 (or other vendor mesh system) and to have the mesh “built in” (or easily flashed) to nodes based on OpenWRT.

Sadly I have no idea what’s involved and have read all the Batman stuff I can but still have no idea where to start :joy:

Just to confirm that you want to build BATMAN-ADV 2019.01, not 2018.2?

The problem of mesh how to config easily. This is a headache.

I am thinking maybe we can make a BATMAN-Adv firmware that meshes only on 5G wifi. 2.4G wifi is not good in mesh.

@alzhao I would say from the post they want 2019.1 as they’ve found some limits with 2018

While OK.

My last firmware is even older. I will ask guys to make a guide.

@alzhao. Quick question for my knowledge, can you have WiFi WISP repeater and use mesh to another “satellite” or do you need to have a wired connection on the “master” router?

While Mesh is layer 2 and it does not need has requirement on the master node if it use WISP or wire. Mesh can work without Internet.

@alzhao yes, i’m.looking for the latest 2019.x release. It looks like the new interface changes are 2019.0-2 or later. Sorry, I had that wrong in my original request/subject.

In addition, i think we’ll also need the wpad-mesh module as well, to support the 802.11s mesh modes, if I’m following everything correctly.

A “mesh” firmware would be fantastic. Im currently using imagebuilder to package all of my configs and other packages (alfred, gpsd, etc) together into a similar image that boots directly into a mesh config.

I have it working with 2018.1, but it is very fragile. Im hoping the 2019.x wil fare better. However, since I don’t know until I can evaluate it, just having the ability to install the updated packages would be ideal for now.

Thanks again!