I would like to experiment with BATMAN-ADV to create a mesh network.

Are there any GL-iNet routers with mesh support pre-installed?

Which routers would you recommend?




Looking at the openvpn tutorial I noticed a mesh icon in the images you posted:

What router is this and what mesh protocol it is using?


Hi, we had a mesh UI but not finished.

To use mesh, just insall batman-adv using opkg and you can configure, manually!


Will it work on any GL-iNet router?



BATMAN-Adv works for ath9k and ath10k driver, so it will work for AR150, MiFi, AR300M, AR750, Domino Core


Any insight on the mesh part of the webgui readiness?


I just ordered 2 AR150 routers and I’ll do some experimenting when they arrive and report back.


@Jose_Leal, I can send you a firmware with BATMAN but I still don’t know how the UI will go. It is really not easy to design a good UI.