I would like to experiment with BATMAN-ADV to create a mesh network.

Are there any GL-iNet routers with mesh support pre-installed?

Which routers would you recommend?



Looking at the openvpn tutorial I noticed a mesh icon in the images you posted:

What router is this and what mesh protocol it is using?

Hi, we had a mesh UI but not finished.

To use mesh, just insall batman-adv using opkg and you can configure, manually!

Will it work on any GL-iNet router?


BATMAN-Adv works for ath9k and ath10k driver, so it will work for AR150, MiFi, AR300M, AR750, Domino Core

Any insight on the mesh part of the webgui readiness?


I just ordered 2 AR150 routers and I’ll do some experimenting when they arrive and report back.

@Jose_Leal, I can send you a firmware with BATMAN but I still don’t know how the UI will go. It is really not easy to design a good UI.

Hi Alzhao, are you able to send me the firmware with BATMAN installed? I have been struggling to get this up and running manually on the AR300M-Lite (despite it being supposidly simple).

I only have firmware for AR150. It will need a little time tocompile for AR300M.

I don’t have time this week. I bookmarked this post

Mesh networking support in Openwrt/LEDE is growing rapidly and there are alternatives to Batman available for experimenting.
However if you have a specific requirement for a plug and play working mesh then we have firmware available for purchase for any model AR300M (and pre flashed hardware if required).

@Alzhao - did you get BATMAN working on AR300M-lite?

sorry I never got a time to compile BATMAN firmware.

Sorry for that.

Hello, @alzhao.

I have bought a couple of AR-150 units to start trying to build a mesh. Would you tell me how can I get the firmware with B.A.T.M.A.N. installed, please?

Thank you.

when you build the firmware, just choose batman-adv and compile it in the kernel.

I have the mesh firmware uploaded to here GL.iNet download center

I haven’t touch it for a long time. So cannot give exact guide. You should use the switch button to control the mesh status, left: root node, right: leaf node

Ok, thank you, I will try (first time with this stuff).

when you build the firmware, just choose batman-adv and compile it in the kernel.

I’m a little lost about building firmware, do you know any documentation (for newbies) I can read to begin?

Thank you.

The readme there will get you started. If you don’t want to brick your only device I suggest not doing it or having a spare to mess with.

openwrt is a complicated project to build correctly for a device. there is no checking to see if what you selected will actually make your device run, so chances are high that it won’t.