Beginners guide to accessing connected SSD

I have a Brume 2 at home set up at a wireguard server, also with an SSD of movies connected to it. How do I access this SSD remotely while connected to the VPN from my PC or phone?

Looking for simplest way to just copy the movie files to my PC, or upload a file to the SSD while working remote. I tried looking at a samba or webdav page but was unable to figure it out on my own.

Just looking for a dummy’s step-by-step guide to simply accessing a plugged in SSD to my Brume. Nothing fancy. Thanks!

Have a look at this support document on Network Storage - GL.iNet Router Docs 4, this should give you all the steps on how to set up the network storage and how to access it.

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As long as you can access Brume2 attached storage locally.
Turning on “Allow Remote Access LAN” is also necessary.
On admin panel: VPN Dashboard - VPN Server - WireGuard Server Options

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And don’t forget to allow Writeable access.

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