Beryl 1300 Torrenting

Hello Guys
Recently I have noticed my torrents are very slow (10-20kb/s) and no matter which operating system or program (Qbittorrent or U-Torrent) i use its still slow. I have tried reset the network manager in Linux and Windows 10, plus dns flush. I am using Nord Vpn Client on the router and i think the router and its hardware is causing my slow download speed. For Any ideas how to push torrents on their regular speed i will be thankfull.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

I have the exact same problem with my Beryl. Also, when torrenting sometimes the light briefly turns from Solid white to breathing blue, but there’s no real disconnection and absolutely no message in system log. Weird.

Are you using one of the NordVPN’s specialty P2P servers that are optimized fro torrenting?

Also it would be good to enable Kill Switch when torrenting.

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I have the same problem and mine is completely blocked. I tried port forwarding to the client and installing upnp. I can see the upnp setting up the dynamic forwarding automatically, but my torrent client still won’t connect. It’s like the firewall is completely blocking it because of the amount of connections that are initiated.

I never enable UPnP on routers because of security concerns when ports are open that I am not aware of and do not want open.

You do not need to set up port forwarding when traffic is going through a VPN tunnel. My understanding is that the NordVPN specialty P2P servers do the port forwarding when you are seeding. You should check the System Log (logread) for any problems.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet