Beryl 2.4GHz not not broadcasting

I purchased a Beryl in November to use on my vacation. I set it up at the house after purchase and thought all was well. I am now at the condo and could not get a web cam and smart tv to see the router. These are 2.4 GHz devices. After scanning with netspot I discovered the the 2.4 radio is not working. It is on in the Admin Panel and is set to show the SSID. I cycled 2.4 on and off several times and rebooted.
No Go. Any help would be appreciated. The 5GHz side is working great on Phones etc.

I was also having a similar issue, once I changed the channel from “Auto” to a specific available channel the issue no longer occurred.

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Thanks will give it a try. Hopefully there will be a firmware fix for this.

Manually selecting a channel did fix the issue. The 2.4 channel is broadcasting.