Beryl and dlink dmw222

Hi I’m having problems connecting my D-link DWM222 to my beryl, I can not configure it and sometimes it shows up as tethering.

If it shows as tethering you can just use as tethering. It is how the modem works.

Ahh ok. But it doesn’t seem to have a connection. I can’t get online with it.

What happened when you set up as tethering?

Is there any settings in the dlink dongle to set up as hostless?

I first set it up on my Mac, put in the pin and removed the pin lock, checked if it had a connection witch it had. Then put it in my Beryl. Sometimes it came up as a modem and I could auto set it up or manual. But on manual there was some fields I didn’t understand. And some of the drop downs had no choice. And sometimes it just came up as tethering.

I suggest you check dlink dongle settings and set it up in tethering. From your description it somes time appears as modem and sometime appears a tethering. It is very strange.

You need to post screenshot.

Got it to work, just had to turn of my DNS settings. Connect, then it worked. And then I could turn on DNS settings again.

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Hi, sorry to resurrect this but I’m having the same issue with the DMW222 @Zoltax can you tell me where you turned off the DNS to fix the issue?

I think I turned it of on the beryl. I’m sorry for the uncertainty in the answer :expressionless:

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Hmm, to be honest I can’t get the 222 to work on a Windows machine. I think I’ll purchase one listed in the manual as tested and working

Ahh ok. Have only tried it on a mac and the glinet routers

Looks like it’s not the best choice to use with glinet. All I can find is people struggling!

Setup D-LINK DWM-222 - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum

I’ve bought one from the tried and tested list so hopefully that won’t give me any issues.

Smart, home you have better luck :blush: