Beryl as main Router

Hellos guys, maybe discussed a lot here, is posible to make beryl my main Router.
My plan is connect the beryl to my router and pc via cable to beryl

anything to change on config?


Often the Internet Service Provider want a login, like PPPoE. As far as I know the beryl doesn’t provide such a login. At least within the GL.iNet frontend. Others just want a specific MAC, that is possible to provide f.ex. via MAC-Clone.
Maybe PPPoE can be installed from LuCI (advanced settings), or change the MAC without cloning.
But at first you need to know how to authenticate against your provider.

PPPoE is supported on the UI.

Okay, than I missed it, I take every statement back.
I think you have more experience, than me :wink:

Okay, hidden in Internet - Cable - Protocol. I’ve just used DHCP until now. Good to know.
So it should not be a problem to use the Beryl as main router in most cases. Since DSL is still a thing in Germany, I’d think you will need a DSL Modem, as well. At my fiber I’m able to use anything behind the CPL (? fiber endpoint in home) that is speaking PPPoE

If you have a modem, it may lock the mac address of the router.

So when you change the router and if the router cannot get IP address via dhcp, you can do either of the following.

  1. Reboot the modem. Or if immediatelly does not solve, turn off the modem for a longer time, e.g. 30 minutes then turn it on.
  2. Clone the old router’s mac address to the new router.
  3. Just call your ISP customer service to reset the modem

Thnx guys, saw it also can work as a bridge mode right?

It works as bridge mode, yes. But when working as main router must in Router Mode.