Beryl as Wi-Fi AP only

I have 2 Beryls. One is connected to the Internet, doing DHCP and the normal router things. I’ll call it “Main”.

I want to extend my network now. I have another Beryl, let’s call it “Remote”.

If I connect Remote with a (long) Ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports on the Main, disable Remote’s DHCP server, but leave the Wi-Fi configured, will clients connect to Remote and get a DHCP address from Main, making this a nice flat network?

Can I use the same SSID on both or should they be different?

Wire everything up as indicated. Main LAN to remote WAN.

Change the Network mode on your remote Beryl to Access Point (more Settings - network mode)

This should then turn off all firewall, dhcp functionality etc. on remote The remote and all devices attached to it will all pull an IP from your main Beryl.

Look at you main router and see what IP address it has allocated to your remote (optional set a static IP for your remote)

Browser to your remote and change wireless SSID to same as main.

All should be good.

Yes. Change the SSID and key to the same.
Then set up the remote one in AP mode.