Beryl AX 3000 won’t automatically reconnect in Repeater Mode

I recently bought a GL-MT3000 which I want to use in repeater mode to connect to my iPhone’s hotspot. It current works as intended to a point.

My first issue is when the router has been turned off for a period of time and then turned on, Repeater mode will not automatically reconnect to my iPhone with its hotspot on. This requires me to access the Repeater section in web UI where I am greeted with the message “Repeater (STA) is disabled.” Which requires me to click the “Connect" button to reconnect.

Question 1: Can the Repeater (STA) be changed to enabled and scan for known wireless networks on every startup in settings or is this a firmware bug or a missing feature or driver issue?

My second issue is the length of time that the Repeater takes to reconnect to my iPhone if the connection is lost for a short period of time which can take anywhere from about 30 seconds to over a minute.
]For reference I also have a Unifi access point running OpenWrt with its radio setup in client mode. When I turn on my iPhone’s hotspot is connects almost instantly.

Question 2: can this process be sped up or is this a bug or driver issue?

My last issue is when the router reboots the wireless section displays the message “Checking for channel availability, the process will take 60 seconds, please wait……”. This is fine for when channel selection is set to Auto but when I select a channel manually to use indefinitely there should be no scanning for availability for 60 second and the router should broadcast on the manually selected channel immediately.

Question 3: Can this scanning be disabled when a channel is manually selected?

Thanks for any help in advance.

I think all your concerns/suggestions are valid and hopefully they get addressed by GL software engineers in future releases.

Can you try to LuCi settings as it may help to revolve some of your raised issues.