Beryl AX and TP-Link M7650 Mifi device

Hi everyone

I have purchased a Beryl AX and I want to use a TP-Link M7650 Mifi device to connect it through usb to the router.

At this moment this is mission imposible, the router do not detect the mifi device. Is it possible to connect it this way and get a connection throught tethering or usb modem?

The firmware I have installed is the 4.6.2

Thanx in advance


the TP mifi have never adapted/debug with GL router. Please bring the router to connect to GoodCloud, and share device with us, and will try to debug. Note: only try, not promise it can work.
Technical Support via GoodCloud.tar (192 KB)

Ok, How can I do that?

please refer the attached of the previous one comment.

First of all, please let me know if it works with PC?
please screenshot the network adapter of the device manager when the mifi connected the PC.

At the end it works. I change the usb cable, I have tried with several of them, and now the router detects the mifi device in tethering mode, I think this is the right option or it should be recognized as an usb modem?
Thanks for your time

For the kind of devices such mifi, it supposed to be recognized a tethering device, is correct.