Beryl AX at hotel / repeater mode not working

Turns out that it is NOT. It is merely this device’s (or rather its firmeware) major shortcomings. And to remember the amount of times I have slammed it against the blooming wall…!

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Nah, it’s still. The firmware is just part of the problem.

“NAH…”, I think that you should stop trying to make blatantly false assertions and ridiculous excuses for the official firmware not being fit for purpose as clearly demonstrated by @alzhao himself. Looking at previous similar threads, you seem to have the habit of treating users here with utter contempt by making silly statements and treating people like fools.

It‘s not about false statements. It’s just reality that the success of connection depends on the Wi-Fi you are trying to connect to as well.

There are Wi-Fi which will make it nearly impossible. That’s a fact.

You should be a politician mate and not a tech forum moderator. Do you remember your assertions there?

Guess what, @alzhao himself came out saying that there is a fundemamtnal problem with the firmware and promised a permenant fix that has not yet materialised (check his post above from the 1st of February for the link to the temp firmware if you have not seen it). With the interim firmware he posted, the problem was significantly alleviated and so your persistence in trying to pin the blame on something else is just mind-boggling and distastefully condescending.

I won’t argue with you because it’s useless.

It seems that you lack experience of the different types of Wi-Fi available. And we’re not even talking about frequencies and encryption.

There are various ways to prevent someone from bringing a router and then connecting to the network.

My only concern is that other people reading this entry don’t think that a firmware downgrade solves all problems. So glad for you that it worked.

And my ONLY CONCERN is that you are distracting the company (god knows how they made you into a moderator) from explicitly striving to improve the firmware while blaming all their problems on all of these other factors (I have noticed that you like throwing big words around like security, encryption, frequencies…etc. without any evidence to back your claims) that the dummest of network devices (firesticks, basic phones…etc.) let alone other more basic travel routers or advanced computing devices appear to manage without breaking a sweat. Just learn to eat a humble pie and accept that these devices are not yet fit for purpose and with a lot of room for improvement still. I wish that I have kept count on the amount of times you have said that all is so hunky dory for your user case on the various threads here like the ones to do with all the Flint 2’s protracted problems.

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Thanks for your kind words.