Beryl AX Beta programme


I received an email from “” on 30th November inviting me to the Beryl AX programme. How long will it take for the test device to be sent to me in the UK?

Many thanks

Adrian King-Cox

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Maybe you can reply at the same email address and ask the sender.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

A No Reply address, sadly…

In my betatest I waited nearly 3 weeks. It is nearly eternity, when you want to get hands on the newest and such powerful device.

In the end it was worth it. It is now my default travel router. My wife got my SlateAX :slight_smile:

Did you check if there is a direct message in your account/profile? The email may just be a notification that there is a message there.

An invitation should request a reply to accept or decline.

i made the transaction on alie express on the 7th of december, i received the fedex tracking number on the 9th, and since nothing im still with “your package is being prepare” . fedex didnt get it yet, very frustrating :rofl:

Can you send me a screenshot of the email via private message?

FedEx is a total bag of sh*t. They might already have your packet and being lousy about it.

Thanks for all of your help guys. I’ve got loads of GL.Inet routers and I’m really looking forward to testing the new Beryl against my Slate AX and two Flints. Especially the Flints as I experience odd drops in wifi 6…