Beryl AX cannot connect to my existing Wifi


If you see my post the problem still persist in my case even in the snapshot of 2023-03-07

I think the problem in my case is the fact I use wpa3 personal in the Wi-Fi.

Oh; sorry to hear that, although I don’t see why WPA3 should limit you getting connected though, WPA3 is not new security. Maybe someone with more experience can advise?


Hey guys, I’m also having the same issue connecting to public WiFi networks that are “mixed” networks that do NOT encryption and also with WPA2 encryption.

Using the latest stable build 4.2.0

Update: Latest Snapshot Build on 3-09-2023 seems to fix this bug again, hopefully they incorporate it into a stable build soon.

Latest Snapshot Build on 3-09-2023 did not resolve my problem repeater mode using 5ghz in wpa3 personal mode ht80.

Problem solved in the snapshot of 2023-03-16 16:55:04 (UTC-01:00)

Connect to my iPhone 13 Pro Max hotspot

Thanks now I have busted speed from 180/50 to 350/60, Connect to 5G cellular

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