[Beryl AX] Cannot use Lan when in Access Point mode


I just received my 3x Beryl AX today!
I updated firmwares to the latest (v4.2) but as soon as I set it to access point mode, LAN would stop working! Wireless is fine but I spent hours pouring over Lucid settings yet can’t seem to get it fixed. This happened on all of them so is this a bug/bad units/wrong settings!?

Yes, I have done so. The issue is that LAN does not work in AP mode! I don’t want to use Router Mode since firewall up the chain would block all the trafic.

So you want a wireless access point to have multiple subnets and ip addresses, that is called a router

You want a router running to a wired switch/hub from the hub to access point that will only do WiFi. Access Point is only for WiFi.

You want Wireless Bridge mode or WDS (wireless distribution system)

When you connect an Ethernet cable from a computer to the Beryl AX LAN port, does the computer get an IP address from your main router DHCP? I seem to recall that DHCP does not always work to LAN on Access Point. Try unplugging and re-plugging in the Ethernet cable.

If that still does not work, then try manually setting the computer to an unused IP address on the same subnet as the main router to see if that works (e.g., IP 192.168.xxx.250 on main router subnet 192.168.xxx.0/24).

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