Beryl Ax chanel width

Good evening. Beryl Ax has a channel width of 160 MHz and 3 streams at 5 GHz? How do we get the speed of 2402 Mbps? Thanks.

Need to have WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE or WPA3-SAE, By default I think it is WPA/WPA2-PSK.
Also Need a clear channel and no or very little interference. 5 meter radius of the device also helps and line of sight.

It maxes out at 2 streams x160Mhz with MCS11. That comes out to be aboung 2Gbps theoretical.

You’ll rarely see 160mhz being used though, Connection rates of ~1Gbps are typical when bumped down to 80mhz channel on client, for real transfers of about 700-800mbps in ideal conditions close to the router.

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I have intel ax201, that can 160Mhz. With her, I can achieve such speed? i have slate ax, should I change to beryl ax?

The theoretical maximum speed of Beryl AX 5GHz is
2402Mbps with channel width 160Mhz.
2.4G maximum 573.5Mbps with channel width 40Mhz.
see the following picture:


As @glinetlvr told it only has 2 streams while it has three antennas for 5Ghz.
One is used for copy stream data to improve coverage.

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@hansome Could you expand on what using one of the 3 streams for copy to improve coverage means? Thanks

My description is not accurate. As wifi part of Beryl Ax’s chip is based on Filogic series, that said

Enhanced Coverage

MediaTek’s hardware-based algorithm provides extended range capabilities and improved antenna reception for faster, more reliable connectivity.

So it’s undisclosed technology by Mediatek.