Beryl AX crashing almost daily

I got a new Beryl AX two weeks ago and I noticed that the system uptime rarely exceeds one day. The router crashes/reboots by itself. Since the crash log is empty and the system log/logread are only available since last boot I cannot diagnose the issue.

I thought that it could be due to power supply issues so I tried with different chargers besides the original one and I keep experiencing the same issue.

I am using it in router mode and I just upgraded it to v4.2.1.

Any ideas how to diagnose and prevent why is randomly crashing?

Did you tried to reset firmware and configure all again?
Did you tried to disable hardware acceleration?

I got a faulty unit myself with a similar problem, the router restarted randomly. However, it was usually after a few minutes (<20min) always, not after a few hours. I got a working replacement after a few weeks and the new one has been working ok without any restart (4.2.0) for weeks.

Not sure what is the best procedure in this case, but as it is in guarantee you should try to return it for a new healthy unit. I sent them mine to detect the reason of the failure as probably it was hardware related and they can reduce defect rates in the next batches.

I did reset the firmware and configured it all but not with the latest firmware. I’ll try again.
I am not sure if it’s HW acceleration, I’ve been using it on/off and didn’t notice any change in behaviour.

Thanks for the tip. If after further testing it continues restarting I will contact sales.